Stories of Impact


A young man from a Buddhist family in Myanmar escaped the military coup and family opposition to attend the pastors training.

Meet Jonathan from Shan State, located on the Laos-Myanmar border. Despite being just 17 years old, his passion for ministry runs deep. Raised in a Buddhist family, Jonathan encountered the gospel through a friend and was profoundly changed. He experienced a vision where Jesus called him to serve and reach His people in Myanmar.

Facing familial opposition, Jonathan embarked on a courageous journey to attend our training at KMI's headquarters in Maesai, Thailand. Alone and with no support, he traversed across Myanmar, even escaping a life-threatening encounter along the way that left him partially paralyzed and his motorbike was taken from him. Undeterred, Jonathan pressed on, determined to receive the training that he believed would equip him for his calling.

During the second week of training, Jonathan shared his testimony of physical and emotional healing. He spoke of how the supportive environment at the training center helped him overcome his trauma. With joy and gratitude, he expressed readiness to return home transformed and serve the Lord wholeheartedly.

Now back in his village, Jonathan is eager to share the gospel and baptize believers.

KMI remains committed to supporting, guiding, and mentoring Jonathan as he continues his journey of faith and service

Jonthan KMI Student, A missionary in Myanmar
Jonthan KMI Student, A missionary in Myanmar

Benjamin & Jenny

Meet Benjamin from Chin State, Myanmar, near the Indian border. His life took a drastic turn when civil war erupted in Myanmar, compelling him to flee his village with his family - parents, three children, and his wife, Jenny. Their harrowing escape led them to the jungles of Shan State, where Benjamin sensed a divine calling to serve the Lord.

In their quest for spiritual equipping, Benjamin and Jenny learned about KMI's training center in Maesai, Thailand, nestled on the Thai-Myanmar border. Despite challenges, including Jenny carrying their three-month-old infant during classes, their determination to serve the Lord was unwavering. They attended KMI's two-week intensive discipleship and theological training in September 2023, emerging inspired and equipped to spread the Gospel.

Returning to Shan State, they wasted no time and established a home church, reaching out to their Buddhist and animist neighbors. Armed with the effective evangelistic methods and robust theological knowledge acquired at KMI, Benjamin and Jenny embarked on their ministry journey.

Despite initial setbacks and moments of despair, including thoughts of giving up and suicidal ideations due to resource constraints and waning interest, Benjamin and Jenny persevered. Their faithfulness bore fruit as they witnessed a thriving church, numerous conversions, and baptisms within just six months. Venturing deep into the forest, they reached the hill tribes, who had never encountered the Gospel before.

God's abundant grace sustained them, uplifting their spirits and enabling them to fulfill their divine calling. KMI continues to mentor, support, and facilitate Benjamin and Jenny in their ministry endeavors, empowering them with necessary skills and resources.

As Benjamin and Jenny continue their impactful ministry, we invite you to join hands in prayer and support. Your partnership can make a tangible difference in meeting their family's basic needs and furthering the Kingdom of God. If you feel led to support their ministry financially or through prayer, please click the link below.

Let's uphold Benjamin, Jenny, and their ministry in our prayers, trusting God's provision and guidance every step of the way.