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" Training, Equipping and Empowering Indigenous Leaders, Church Planters & Disciple-Makers."

Reaching Nations. Transforming Lives.

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Over 3 billion people

have yet to hear the name of Jesus globally.

KMI is serving in Asia since 2012

Kingdom Mission International (KMI), an organization dedicated to empowering Indigenous leaders, training church planters, Disciple Makers, and fostering sustainable development in Asian communities.

Who is KMI ?

...Baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.........

At Kingdom Mission International (KMI), our mission is fueled by a compelling vision to equip church planters, leaders, and disciple-makers who will fearlessly carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Despite often lacking formal training, these indigenous leaders possess a profound understanding imparted by God Himself, rendering them competent in their ministries. While we acknowledge the invaluable wisdom they offer, we also recognize the potential for enhanced effectiveness with additional resources. Therefore, KMI is dedicated to providing the necessary training and support to empower these leaders across Asia.

Our primary goal at KMI is to inspire indigenous pastors and leaders to pursue deeper intimacy with God and align their lives and ministries with His Word. We firmly believe that God's Word is wholly sufficient for every aspect of life and ministry, as it is "profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness" (II Timothy 3:16-17). Our passion lies in witnessing the transformation of communities through the establishment of new churches and the holistic development of individuals. Through comprehensive training, equipping, and strategic partnerships, we are committed to empowering believers to leave a lasting impact in their communities.

KMI Pakistan Church , Ministry in Pakistan, Baptizing in Pakistan, Christians in Pakistan, Christian organisation in Pakistan
KMI Pakistan Church , Ministry in Pakistan, Baptizing in Pakistan, Christians in Pakistan, Christian organisation in Pakistan
Join us on this exciting journey of faith and transformation at Kingdom Mission International.

About Us:

Our Mission

KMI upholds unwavering Biblical standards of leadership and collaborates with partners globally to strengthen the Body of Christ. We believe in the transformative power of God's Word and are dedicated to nurturing deeper spiritual intimacy among indigenous pastors and leaders. Our passion lies in facilitating their alignment with Biblical principles, recognizing that through such alignment, they become fully equipped for every aspect of their ministry journey.

We embrace the holistic essence of the Kingdom of God, understanding that evangelism, personal transformation, and societal impact are interconnected facets of our mission.

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Training, Equipping and Empowring Leaders and Disciple Makers to Reach, Teach and Preach throughout Asia

Student's Stories

and Mission Updates

Explore the compelling narratives and mission updates from our esteemed graduates and partners, as they unveil their journeys of ministry, family, and life within their local contexts. Witness the profound influence of God in shaping their faith and lives for service, igniting their unwavering commitment to serve the Lord and His people. Through their testimonies, delve into the transformative impact they're effecting in their communities, touching countless lives and families. From triumphing over obstacles to rejoicing in milestones, these narratives epitomize the dedication and fervor of our graduates and partners in their mission to serve others and spread the Gospel of hope and love.

Jonthan KMI Student, A missionary in Myanmar
Jonthan KMI Student, A missionary in Myanmar

Meet Jonathan from Shan State, located on the Laos-Myanmar border. Despite being just 17 years old, his passion for ministry runs deep. Raised in a Buddhist family, Jonathan encountered the gospel through a friend and was profoundly changed. He experienced a vision where Jesus called him to serve and reach His people in Myanmar.

Facing familial opposition, Jonathan embarked on a courageous journey to attend our training at KMI's headquarters in Maesai, Thailand. Alone and with no support, he traversed across Myanmar, even escaping a life-threatening encounter along the way that left him partially paralyzed and his motorbike was taken from him. Undeterred, Jonathan pressed on, determined to receive the training that he believed would equip him for his calling.

During the second week of training, Jonathan shared his testimony of physical and emotional healing. He spoke of how the supportive environment at the training center helped him overcome his trauma. With joy and gratitude, he expressed readiness to return home transformed and serve the Lord wholeheartedly.

Now back in his village, Jonathan is eager to share the gospel and baptize believers.

KMI remains committed to supporting, guiding, and mentoring Jonathan as he continues his journey of faith and service.

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Meet our team

A decade ago, Kingdom Mission International (KMI) began its journey with a heartfelt vision to serve God's Kingdom. Over the years, we have been humbled and grateful for God's provision of dedicated, committed, and passionate individuals to be part of our team.

KMI Leadership
KMI Leadership
KMI Director, training pastors and leaders in Asia
KMI Director, training pastors and leaders in Asia

Ps. ScottCamac

General Secretary

Ps. Danny Wherrett

Chairman KMI

Nouman Prince Elvin

Managing Director

KMI Thailand , Mission In Maesai Thailand
KMI Thailand , Mission In Maesai Thailand

Pastor Kittipong

Director Thailand

KMI Pakistan, Training pastors and leaders in Pakistan
KMI Pakistan, Training pastors and leaders in Pakistan

Suleman Elvin

Director Pakistan

Pastor Atan

Director Myanmar

We are All Called to make Disciples;

Matthew 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit....

Want to serve with KMI?

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Ministry Expansion Fund

With gifts to this fund, we have been able to Train more indigenous leaders, pastors and disciple makers, explore new places, support new international field-workers, and expand our mission around Asia with the hope of the Gospel.